Monday, August 9, 2010

Love and Marriage...

7 years ago today, I married my best friend.

I remember clearly the teasing of one of my co-workers a few years ago. He was imitating me, pretending to be me talking about being married to Ryan. He batted his eyes, dramatically clasped his hands together and said "Oh, I just wish I could be married MORE!" I couldn't help but laugh, and blush a bit. I guess when you're really happy, it's hard to keep people from noticing. I'm THAT happy to be married to Ryan. I was ecstatic the day we got married, and I am ecstatic today, too.

My heart is so full thinking back over the past seven years with Ryan and dreaming about our next seventy years together. I am aware that my life is jam-packed full of blessings from the Lord. Today, however, I've got my eyes locked on just one of them.

...I found the one my heart loves. Song of Songs 3:4


Ryan said...

Love you too, baby. Remember the old days, before color photography? Ahhh, how things have progressed in the last seven years.

Carolina Clipper said...

I love you both. You're perfect together!